i need to collaborate with people who have had spiritual experiences in mental hospitals. no drama queens or overly egoistic talk. pure artistic
Heat up the night Ooah
yup u haveta DL it.

Gain is delusion, loss is enlightenment.

—Uchiyama Roshi (via zencalendar)

Based on this alone, I now declare myself the most enlightened man on the planet, —Nobody

(via journalofanobody) [It’s quite simply the truth. Nothing enigmatic. Everything leaves. All is lost. Get use to it. But if you can celebrate it, you’re the Buddha.] (via buffleheadcabin)

(via buffleheadcabin)



A villager collects seeds from Giant Water Lilies in the Deepor Beel Bird Sanctuary in Guwahati city, northeast India.

^.^ mmph
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